fat loss clinic

Many people want to lose either a little extra fat and gain tone in their muscles, flexibility in their joints and a feeling of wellbeing or a lot more fat loss with the same end result. We have worked with many people and have produced many programs specifically for weight loss and toning. In a country which has now been given the title “Fattest in Europe” many of us have slipped up here and there and gained some weight. This is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you have realised that you are now overweight it would be a shame not to do something about it!!

You have two options:

Jump on the next fitness fad or diet book, try it out for a few weeks and then go back to your old lifestyle. Put the weight back on feel even worse about it. Also, join the gym, go for a few weeks diligently then begin to make excuses as your motivation drains and you find yourself “too busy” to fit in the healthy eating plan and exercise.


Make a determined effort to change (not necessarily drastically!!!) your lifestyle with the help of a health and fitness consultant, gain valuable knowledge from that consultant to help you reduce that weight and keep it off. And at the same time learn how to ensure your family also remains fit and healthy…

If you do choose the second option make sure it isn’t with someone who simply wants as many people through the door as possible. Make sure its with a company or individual that can promise to make you feel like their one and only client. Someone as dedicated to making that change for you as you are! Someone like us.