Pilates Reformer Class in Reigate

What are the Reformers?

Invented by Joseph Pilates, the reformer has a bed-like frame with a carriage on it – which slides on wheels – and various tension springs are attached to this carriage to make the exercises more challenging. There is a footbar that can be used by either your hands or feet and there are long ropes that can be held or positioned on the feet.

With so many adjustable parts and with the use of bodyweight the reformers prove to be incredibly versatile. Safe, yet dynamic exercises can and will strengthen all parts of the body in a way that other machines/routines simply can’t touch.

The reformer can promote length, strength, flexibility, tone & balance and can also be used as a rehabilitation tool.

The movements prove to be graceful and with practice can be linked together to create a constant flow. These exercises will improve posture, co-ordination and correct muscle imbalances that can lead to back pain. The muscles of the core are worked very hard – as are the buttocks, hips and thighs.

The reformer allows us to resist force while performing an exercise – this eccentric muscle contraction is a key element to the reformer – helping us to achieving long, strong and yet lean bodies.

Anyone, with any limitations, can benefit from the Pilates Reformer.

“What I find most impressive about the Reformer is that each and every time I finish a session I feel more energised, flexible and balanced than at any other time – doing any other exercises. Of course I can’t help but do it the ‘Bodies in Design’ way – flowing challenging movements.” Andrew

8 week course
Members: £80 

There are only 6 places per course and so they will fill up very quick!

To book please call Andrew on: 07940 530433