Pilates concentrates on slow and measured movements in order to create a stabilised core and strong, lean muscles. It’s gentle but highly effective for improving posture, flexibility and preventing injury. We do recommend that you book in for a one to one session before you attend a group class to ensure you get the most out of the class. Each class is designed to accommodate mixed abilities; you will be given options to progress each exercise if you wish. The class begins with a tai chi warm up, we then perform a series of mat based exercises using a combination of equipment such as stability balls and resistance bands and finish with a relaxation or a stretching session.

Suitable for all abilities, we recommend a 1:1 session if you have not done Pilates before or are recovering from an injury.

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PeeWee (Mums and Babies) & PreNatal Pilates classes also available.

Gentle Pilates 50+*: Suitable for anyone with limited mobility through injury, illness, age or inactivity. A series of gentle pilates exercises and stretches to strengthen the body, improve balance and increase flexibility. Adaptations can be made for those who cant perform certain movements and moving from one position to the next is minimised for increased comfort.

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