I feel really uncomfortable in a gym environment. Will everyone be looking at me thinking I’m rubbish?

A lot of people who do not attend a gym regularly assume that all its members are fitness fanatics. This is simply not the case. Our club has a fantastic collection of supportive, friendly members who care far more about how they are performing the exercises to pay attention to what anyone is doing or how they look. You are far more likely to be welcomed warmly, positively helped with any questions you have and motivated to succeed in your goals…and that’s just from your fellow members, let alone the staff.

As a female I worry that doing resistance exercise (weights) will make me muscley . I want my arms/legs to get leaner, not bigger

The vast majority of women simply do not produce enough testosterone to build big muscles. As you increase the amount of lean muscle you have your limbs will appear longer, you will burn more body fat, and your limbs will become slimmer. You will protect against osteoporosis and be far more capable in life as a whole. From the age of about 30 we all lose muscle and therefore tone unless we do something about it. In order to remained toned you have to perform more than just cardiovascular exercise (running etc).

How often do I have to exercise per week?

It really depends on the free time you have, the priority you set to your health and fitness and the speed at which you wish to attain your goals. We will sit down and go through what you want to achieve and depending on how much time you are willing to give to exercise will depend on how long we evaluate your goal will take you.

I’ve heard that as long as you exercise you can eat what you want. Is that true?

If you wish to remain lean or reduce body fat/be more toned then you will need to be very careful with what you put into your body. You may well have trained for an hour but one wrong meal in the day (let alone two or three) could negate the fat burning effects of that workout. One large glass of wine could easily equate to 20 minutes on the treadmill…Its not that you have to give up all the ‘good stuff’ you simply need to monitor it properly (which we will help you with) if you wish to attain certain goals.

I’ve been doing the same routine now for the last year and don’t seem to be making any progress. Should I be changing it?

Far too many people are given a training regime which they diligently follow week after week only to find that after a couple of months not only do they stop noticing any changes in the mirror but they also stop being able to increase repetitions/weight. This will inevitably lead to disappointment and inturn apathy. We do not want you to become bored with your regime – or to stop making progress. Progress drives interest and so we will continuously discuss changes to your routine to keep you motivated and pushing to the next level.I have an injury.

How long should it be before I start to exercise?

This will depend on what injury you have. We run a sports injury clinic and are partnered with Reigate Chiropractic Clinic which enables us to develop an ‘injury-to- full recovery’ plan. Too often a health care professional will work with you to repair an injury and then sets certain exercises to ensure this injury doesn’t reappear. These exercises are rarely completed. The bottom line is that if you give us a ring we’ll make sure you know when you can come back to exercise and prescribe exercises that will compliment your treatment and/or help with your rehabilitation.

Personal training is a bit expensive for me but I really need the help to make it happen . Are there any other options?

We work hard to ensure that all budgets can afford some form of personal training. We allow clients to share sessions and have various clients who we put together who have similar goals. This helps to reduce the cost to the individual but for that person to still receive close monitoring to ensure they make it happen! Give us a call and together we’ll work something out that works for all of us.

I’ve never really exercised. I don’t think I’ll be able to do hardly anything. Is that a problem?

Absolutely NOT!!! That is one of the big reasons we enjoy our work as much as we do. To turn around someone’s expectation of what they can achieve, to guide them through how to perform various exercises in a fun way and to build-up a sense of confidence in our clients which they can take throughout their lives is what makes our job so rewarding.