Hear what our clients have to say…

The girl once voted with the most get up and go…had gone! Years of bad eating habits and no exercise lead to me gaining over a stone a year! My get up and go had disappeared but so too had my personality. I started to struggle with the stairs and was always out of breath, so at the age of 38 and size 22/24 I decided to do something about it.

I had tried all the commercial diets and I even asked the doctor for help, but the thing is only YOU can make the change and when you do it is amazing and life changing!

In March 2010, I joined a local gym and I did start to lose weight but I didn’t push myself enough and my weight loss hit a plateau. So my best friend mentioned that her cousin uses a personal trainer and perhaps I should give it a go. So in March 2011, at a size 20/22 I went to see her cousin’s personal trainer, Andrew. It’s now November 2011 and I am a size 14! Andrew has taught me about healthy eating and my fitness level is amazing and I have just taken part in a 10K run! So if you are ready and focused I urge you to join Bodies in Design they will give you the support you need and once you start your friends, work colleagues and family will all be behind you! I used to make all the excuses;”I’ve not got time to exercise; can’t afford it; I’m not that big; people will stare and I’m too big to exercise”. But Bodies in Design is a small personal gym and I can assure you that you will feel comfortable and no one is staring, only willing you on to succeed and week by week you will get fitter and most important feel better. Everyone is different, so Andrew will discuss your plan with you and just be honest, tell the truth about your issues, mine was food and I take it day by day and sometimes, hour by hour, but if I can do it, so can you!

Alison (9 stone lighter), Reigate

I can’t speak more highly of the whole Bodies in Design team – you get the benefits of a small friendly and flexible team who really care about meeting your goals and needs but with the skill, knowledge and equipment of a larger outfit.

Over the years I’d tried various different chain gyms and now realise I’d been “going through the motions” with my exercise. I rather sceptically tried a personal training session with Andrew. Wow! I’d never ever worked so hard and pushed myself so much in my life! And it’s not just the personal training that’s different – the classes are small so they’re personal and motivating – especially if your personal trainer is taking the class and picking on you!

At 40+, I’m now the fittest and slimmest I’ve ever been. Everyone will talk about the obvious benefits of being able to run for a bus and that suit fitting better, but I’m finding less obvious benefits – my old back problem has all but disappeared, I haven’t had a cold for months, I’m sleeping better, have far more energy and can have the occasional curry and beer without any problems.

Well done and a really big thank you to Andrew and the team!

Andy Cox, Reigate

I have been going to Bodies in Design for about four years now, which is the longest time I have ever stayed with a gym. I never saw myself as somebody who would pay for personal training on a regular basis but I have found this has made a huge difference to my approach by continually providing motivation and new ideas.

Andrew and the team really get to know their clients – there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach at Bodies in Design: whether it is a PT session or in a class everybody is treated as an individual. The gym has a friendly atmosphere and not at all intimating like some of the larger gyms I have been to, and there is always somebody on hand for advice when you want it.

Andrew constantly looks for new ways to make our PT sessions enjoyable and challenging, whilst still taking my particular exercise style and personality into consideration. I also like the fact that the options for personal training are very flexible so it doesn’t have to be a major expense and can be changed depending on circumstances.

I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when I don’t feel like going to the gym, but the difference is that I know I will enjoy my sessions or classes when I get there: I always come out feeling more positive and happier. I’m far fitter than I was four years ago and exercise has become a regular and enjoyable part of my life rather than something I have to fit in. Can’t get much better than that.

Jan Bell, Reigate

“Four months ago I had a hip replacement operation which left me very weak and with absolutely no muscle tone in my right leg. But then I discovered Bodies in Design’s rehab programme. Together with chiropractor, Karen Waddington, they have guided me back to full fitness in a month! They are sensitive and empathetic to my needs, whilst pushing me a little bit harder each session in order to get results. Without Bodies in Design, I think I would probably still be hobbling about on a stick feeling sorry for myself.”

Jane Harrod, Reigate

I’m not the sort of person to have a personal trainer – I’m not an athlete or celeb, but a 50-something stressed out working woman. But when I joined Bodies in Design in the early summer I was desperate to improve my general fitness, de-stress and lose some weight, so I joined up for once-a week sessions. Now, six months later, I can honestly say that I feel fitter than I ever have, I have far more energy and after decades of struggling with my weight I’ve lost more than two stone. But the real trick is that Andrew and the team have just made it easy. They are always smiling (as they push you just a little further) and always interested (whether you’re training for something serious or just, like me, wanting to get a bit fitter) and always encouraging (“Good work, Gill!”) Good work Bodies in Design. You changed my life – thanks, guys!

Gill Eareaut, Reigate

“I did the duathlon and its all thanks to you! If you hadn’t taken me out on the bike and given me the motivation to do it, I would have bottled out, you were right it feels fantastic to have done it. Thank You!”

Karen P, Reigate

 I’m really lazy … well lazy in the sense that I’m not very good at motivating myself! But once through the door, it’s easy; the Bodies in Design team are brilliant at nurturing, guiding and encouraging me to make tangible progress. They’ve given me the bug back at 40+ to ‘live younger longer’ and I’ve had such a laugh along the way. Rehabilitated from injury and with much improved overall fitness, balance (I said ‘improved’ Andrew!) and strength, I’m relishing the chance to compete again in my racing sailboat against people half my age! Too lazy to have done this alone!

Andy Course, Reigate