Andrew Moir - Owner & Personal Trainer

Hi. I’m a very experienced Senior Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist. I enjoy ALL sports and try and play as many as possible. I enjoy working with others to realise their health, fitness and/or body image desires. I am very goal oriented and feel I have an excellent approach in both motivating and training my clients. Whether you train better being guided or being pushed all the way I will fit into your needs and ENSURE you meet and perhaps exceed your target. I have worked with thousands of people and have succeeded in transforming not only their physique but also their approach and enjoyment of exercise. Its not all about having fun – its all about having fun AND reaching your goal. Working together we’ll make both happen!

I have helped hundreds of clients to lose 10kg (1  1/2 stone) or more using my many years of experience to create individually tailored exercise programs.

I am currently working with a client who has lost 9 stone and one that has lost over 6 stone in 6 months. Another has recently lost 13kg in 13 weeks and she is now ripped. Not bad for a full-time working mum of 3 in her 40s. She’s now competing and winning triathlons in her age group – she’d never done anything like that before.

I have helped clients and other personal trainers increase muscle and develop incredibly toned physiques.

If you need someone to truly care as much as you do about your goal to change/improve your health, fitness or body image then I am the man for you. My clients become incredibly important to me and I have made it my mission in life to help as many people as I can. I have seen the joy that improved self esteem has done for my clients – I have been lucky enough to have been told countless times that “you have changed my life”. Hearing this is always so humbling but it feels me with so much pride and joy that it spurs me on to keep going. My clients are my friends and I would never ever let a friend down – you can count on me to do everything I can to help you attain your goals. TOGETHER it WILL happen. It always does 🙂

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Jeni - Personal TrainerHi! I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor. I have been keenly interested in sport/fitness my whole life. My physical interests have included dance, gymnastics, tennis, resistance training, plyometrics & maintaining my figure through fun and energising exercise routines. I like to workout with my clients (if they wish) to help push and motivate them throughout the session. I practise what I preach and am very analytical with my approach to diet and exercise to make sure my clients (and I) reach and maintain our physical ideals.
I am straight talking and say it how it is – if you want clear instruction on how to reach your goal and wish to workout with someone both energising and encouraging then I promise I’ll take you to your goals and surpass them!!!!!

I love meeting and working with people and helping them to achieve their goals. I feel really passionate about my clients progress and want them to want it as much as I want it for them.



Francois Mahop - Personal TrainerI am a dedicated trainer who delivers a unique take on physical fitness and well-being. I have mastered many sports in my life and have a masters degree within this field. I combine movement, mobility and strength to encourage each of my clients to attain the most well-balanced physique possible. I do this to ensure their lives are lived pain-free, with the highest possible vitality and with the opportunity to enjoy all life’s riches without limitation. I also workout with my clients – I find this helps to encourage and teach and support!

I look forward to every session and you will always have 100% of my dedication and focus.

What is our experience?

All of our trainers are fully qualified/certified & have worked with people from all walks of life. We have helped our clients turn around their preconceptions of gyms, fitness and exercise and allowed them to welcome activities into their lives. We have seen the results both physically and emotionally and it is this that strives us to keep finding new ways… fun ways to train with our clients.

What’s happening with COVID-19?

We are currently offering our personal training sessions in keeping with the latest government guidelines (they change so often that we can’t keep updating this page!) Many people prefer virtual sessions via Zoom at a time to suit them – we have super fast internet, expensive cameras & microphones so a global pandemic is no excuse not to achieve your goals and you don’t even have to go to the gym! We can tailor a bespoke program of exercises suitable for wherever you are, even if you don’t have any gym equipment available – the limit is our imagination!