Work with Professionals who have the energy, passion and knowledge to achieve the results you desire.

Would you like to…

  • Enhance your Performance
  • Speed up Recovery from an Injury
  • Prevent Future Injury
  • Improve Posture

Life is too short to live in pain with niggling injuries that result in performing below par. Steer your life back on track today – visit our Sports Injury Clinic where you will be assessed by our Chiropractor Dr Karen Waddington, and our Exercise and Nutrition Consultant Jessica Bunting. Together they will formulate the most effective treatment plan to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.
With the correct combination of care you will achieve the optimum results.

Why do we get Injuries?

  1. Poor Technique – contributes to many injuries and may lead on to muscular imbalances.
  2. Muscular Imbalances – eventually bring about structural problems. Good training should involve muscle rotation and produce muscle balance.
  3. Poor Flexibility – Stretching is a vital component of optimal performance and If ignored may lead to injury.
  4. Performance – By going ‘behind’ the injury Chiropractic will help to eliminate the cause of your problems as well as improving the mechanics of your joints and muscles along with the nerves supplying them.


    Chiropractors use specific manipulative techniques to treat many musculo-skeletal problems particularly those associated with the spine. These help to maintain optimum function of the nervous system which is essential in maintaining good health. Repeated stresses can lead to improper movement of the spine, which in turn can interfere with the healthy working of your muscles and nerves. You may have ignored the pain and carried on with your sport for too long without treatment, and now find yourself with a chronic injury.Chiropractors treat without the use of drugs or surgery but may use X-rays for diagnostic purposes.

    Exercise and Nutrition Consultants

    Exercise and Nutrition Consultants will work with the Chiropractors to develop an exercise prescription specifically designed around your diagnosis and future goals.
    Once the skeletal system is working more efficiently and restricted areas have been mobilised, we can begin to work on strengthening weaker muscle groups that have caused the imbalance before progressing to a functional level of fitness, this is when you will start to feel your body performing more efficiently and reaching its full potential.

    Where necessary, we will bring in a professional coach who will focus on form and technique to prevent recurrence of old injuries and reoccurance of new ones. We have an affiliation with Reigate’s elite Tennis Coaching Specialists,