peewee pilates

PeeWee Pilates (0-6months)

A gentle class designed to help you to regain your fitness after giving birth and enable you to exercise with your baby. The class starts with a gentle tai chi warm up, followed by a series of mat based Pilates exercises showing you how to incorporate your baby into each exercise. The class will end with a series of gentle stretches, followed by coffee/tea and biscuits. We recommend you attend the class 1 to 2 times per week, you will start to notice a difference after 10 sessions. See ‘Pilates’ section for benefits!

PeeWee Progresser (6 months upwards)

This class is a good follow on from the PeeWee class, once you have strengthened up your core muscles we can start to advance the exercises to involve other muscle groups and give you a full body workout. Babies can sit and play or crawl around the studio while you carry out your exercises.

Private Classes

If you have a group of friends and would like a private class we can organise this at a time to suit you. The cost is 45 per hour and you can divide that between the number in the group. We do require you to pay for 5 weeks in advance


What to bring

You will need to wear comfortable warm clothes that you can move around easily in. The class is a barefoot class so you will not need shoes. We provide cushions for your babies, however you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. The class is upstairs so a car seat is advisable rather than a buggy as it is easier to carry upstairs, you can leave the buggy downstairs. We provide you with a Mat and any other equipment that you need.


You are free to breast feed/bottle feed during the class as you need to and then join back in when you are ready. Most babies need something at some point during the class, and usually cry at intervals, it is perfectly normal and we just continue the class, you can drop in and out as you feel comfortable. Don’t worry if your baby crys, they all do at some point!! It always seems louder to you, others will probably not even notice. We try to make the classes as relaxed as we can for everyone so you can do as much or as little as you wish and build up slowly as you and you baby become more familiar with the exercises and the environment.

Tea/Coffee & Biscuits

After the class you can order your refreshments, we have a large selection of teas/herbals teas/fresh coffee and biscuits. These are complimentary. You can stay in the studio, relax/feed/chat to the other mums for as long as you wish after the class.