Join a team dedicated to seeing you realise your goals.

Our reputation is built on successfully fulfilling our clients’ objectives of living fitter, healthier lives with a positive body image. Its what we do – all day EVERY day!


So….Which methods are best?

There are many different ways to achieve your goals.

Bodies in Design will work with you to ensure together we choose the right method for you. It will be realistic,achievable, fun and it will fit in with your lifestyle. If you have been blinded by science, the latest fitness gadget or diet fad you need look no further.

Bodies in Design will work with you to strip away the maze of information and provide you with simple, easy to follow solutions that will achieve results!

Your body is in continuous design

It is surprising how quickly our bodies can adapt and change depending on the given stimuli. It is equally surprising how far they regress given limited action.

We work with the following goals (and more..):

  • tone up
  • get fitter/healthier
  • lose the love handles/beer gut
  • train for a tri/marathon/cycle event
  • build muscle
  • get that six pack/see your toes,
  • recover from injury/ill health,
  • look buff and beautiful on the beach
  • or any other reason we can help you achieve those goals and maintain them.

It is often our own limited outlook that doesn’t allow us to realise our goals. At Bodies in Design we will help to free your mind and allow you to realistically dream about the future as a healthier, fitter, better looking you through the right guidance, support, encouragement and the proof that it works and has worked countless times before given the right tools and motivation.

But we won’t stop there! We’ll ensure that our training plans include enough education so that once you have achieved your goals you’ll be capable of maintaining them for yourself and/or setting yourself new goals.


  • No long term Contract tie-ins

  • Personal Training from some of Surrey’s best trainers

  • Optional classes – do as much as you can do!

  • Free Parking (always a bonus in Reigate!)

  • Dietary advice to help you achieve your goals

  • Exercise is more fun in great surroundings with great people!


Enter your details below and put yourself in the hands of someone who will help you realise your goals. We will contact you and start you on your new path!

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